Thursday, March 7, 2013

There's Still Wax...But The Candle Won't Light!

It drives me crazy when my candles won't light, but there is still a ton of wax left in them!  Anyways, as dumb as it sounds, it hit me the other day that I have the perfect solution built right into my kitchen! 

Not everyone will have one of these, (sorry), but those of you that do are in LUCK! 

What am I all excited about?  A WARMER plate built right into the top of my range! 

That's all!  That's my big secret.  I just turn the warmer on (which is right between my two back burners) and sit the candle on there.  It gets hot enough to melt to wax and make my house smell better, but never so hot that the candle is too hot to handle. 

Impressive, I know.  But hey, I just saved myself ten bucks by not running out to by another candle for my kitchen!  :) 


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