Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Pink Dresser Re-Do; Fit For a Princess!

Before we got married, we moved around the country wherever Brian was playing baseball, never knowing where the next summer was going to take us.  Because of that, we never really kept furniture around for long, and it also meant that people were constantly giving us furniture they didn't want anymore (umm...thanks?)! 

At any rate, we ended up with this very old, (VERY heavy), dingy, white dresser.  It ended up in The Bug's room and served a good purpose!  As usual, Brian wanted to burn it and crafty little me had a fabulous vision for it!

**Because this was pre-blogging days, I only have before and after pictures for this pink dresser project.  However, this dresser was simple because of it's straight lines, flat surfaces, and the type of paint that was on it previously.  We simply did a light sand on the entire surface of the dresser with 120 grit sandpaper and then painted it with a semi-gloss from Walmart. I spray painted the original handles with white Rust-oleum spray paint in a gloss finish ** 

This was my inspiration picture I found over at Melony's Whimsy Daisy!  You can see her original post here. I still drool every time I see this dresser!  I love its charm!


And then we have our plain-Jane, dirty, white dresser pre-makeover (don't mind all the crap on top of it).


Pink dresser fit for a princess!

I think I spend around $30 on all of my supplies, but to be honest, I can't exactly remember because it was a couple years ago!  Either way, it was considerably less than a new dresser would have cost.

This was the project that really woke up my inner DIY goddess, thus creating a fuel for way more future projects than my poor hubby ever signed up for!  But I'll share those later!  Until next time...



  1. We did similar makeovers to both of our girls dressers, and even our entire master bedroom set. It really helps to re-purpose and not just buy new, especially when the pieces are still in good shape.

  2. You know to get that whimsical look , you could add a trim and some legs to the bottom and voila !!! :) just an idea lol ... ~ Jen